Below are past editions of "Giving Back," our semiannual newsletter, which delivers the latest news on the Charitable Giving Program along with key developments in the field of charitable giving.

Summer 2017
  • Giving Back NewsletterThis edition includes an interview with T. Rowe Price President and CEO, Bill Stromberg as well as advice on creating a personal strategy for disaster giving.
Fall 2016
  • Giving Back NewsletterThis issue features advice from some of the best minds in areas that are critical to donors maximizing their philantrhopic dollars. Program financials for fiscal year 2016 are also featured.
Spring 2016
  • Giving Back NewsletterThis edition of Giving Back reflects a commitment to expanding our coverage to include contributions from some of philanthropy's leading names. We also feature an interview with Christy and Matthew Wyskiel, exploring their dedication to advancing education in Baltimore.
Fall 2015
  • 2015 Report to DonorsWe welcome the Program's new president, Dr. John Brothers. We also look at how the Ford Foundation is addressing income inequality and give an overview of the Giving USA report. Program financials for fiscal year 2015 are also featured.
Spring 2015
  • Detroit's BailoutThe lead article examines Detroit's collaboration with foundations to help save the city's pension system. We also explore the ethical questions that are often raised on how nonprofits raise and invest their funds.
Fall 2014
  • 2014 Report to DonorsOur lead article examines the unexpected effects that gifts from wealthy donors are having on the scientific community. We also look at two recent fundraising innovations-money bomb drives and the ice bucket challenge-that use the power of social media with impressive results. Program financials for fiscal year 2014 are also featured.
Spring 2014
  • Giving Back NewsletterIn this issue, we discuss the increase in giving by the wealthiest Americans and celebrate America's return to the top spot in the World Giving Index. Our other articles feature the benefits donors experience from giving and the impact of fraud on nonprofits.
Fall 2013
  • 2013 Report to DonorsLearn how the new generation of donors, Generation X and millennials, will influence the future of philanthropy and donations.
Spring 2013
  • The Future of the Charitable DeductionA summary from our experts on what has already happened and where tax policy may be headed in the future. We also examine the rise of international giving by Americans and provide an update on social impact bonds.

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Spring 2012
  • Focus on Teen GivingSee how young people are using social media to raise money for their favorite charities and learn how to prepare your family to carry on your charitable legacy.
Fall 2011
  • 2011 Report to DonorsStories discuss how charities are using social media to reach potential donors, why giving is on the rise, and a new way to acquaint family and friends with donor-advised funds. Program's financials for fiscal year 2011.
Spring 2011
  • Billionaires Take the Giving Pledge Learn why the wealthy are making major gifts during their lifetimes; check the giving habits of high-net-worth households; and compare the benefits of donor-advised funds with foundations.
Fall 2010
  • 2010 Report to DonorsThree Charities Making a Big Difference in Education — a look at innovative nonprofit organizations, founded by Geoffrey Canada, Wendy Kopp, and Greg Mortenson, that are focused on at-risk children. Program's financials for fiscal year 2010.

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