Get Your Charitable Donor-Advised Fund Started With a Few Simple Steps

The T. Rowe Price Program for Charitable GivingSM is a national donor-advised fund that can help simplify your giving and maximize your tax savings. The diagram below shows how easy it is to support your favorite charities through your Program Account.

Step 1:  

Establish Your Account

Make an irrevocable contribution of $10,000 or more using cash or long-term appreciated securities.

=Charitable Giving Diagram
Step 2:  

Receive Current-Year
Charitable Tax Deductions

Receive a full deduction for your donation (up to the allowable IRS limits) for the tax year when the donation is made. Deductions can be carried over to the next tax year and beyond.

Step 3:  

Invest Your Contributions

Invest for potential growth until you make grant recommendations — choose from six investment pools managed by T. Rowe Price.

Step 4:  

Recommend Grants

Recommend grant distributions of $100 or more to your favorite charities at any time.

Step 5:  

Distribute to Charities

The Program sends a check to qualified charities you have recommended with a letter including the acknowledgment information you have provided.