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Choose the type of assets you will donate:

  • Cash
  • Stock
  • Mutual funds

Complete and mail the appropriate donation form depending on the asset you are contributing

Please Note the Following

For assets held at T. Rowe Price: Contribution requests submitted by 4pm EST on an active market day will be transferred that day. Contribution requests received after 4pm will be transferred the next market day.

For assets held at a different brokerage firm: You must initiate the transfer of assets by contacting the brokerage firm. Please refer to the delivery instructions included on the Contribution of Mutual Funds or Securities form.

For assets held at a transfer agent: You must send an original Contribution of Mutual Funds or Securities form and the transfer agent's Change of Ownership/Transfer Request form to the Program. The Program will complete the paperwork and submit to the transfer agent.

For Mutual Funds held directly at the mutual fund institution: You must submit a Contribution of Mutual Funds or Securities form and copy of your recent mutual fund account statement to the Program. Mutual fund transfer requests must be initiated by the Program, not the mutual fund family.

We recommend that you also print and retain a copy of the completed forms for your records.


Plan your donation to guarantee tax benefits

If you fund your account with stocks or mutual funds, please remember that the donation is not complete for tax purposes until we actually receive the securities in kind. If you are making your donation after November 30, please call the Program at 1-800-564-1597 to verify that the transfer can be accomplished by December 31.


Please call us at 1-800-564-1597 or e-mail.