It's easy to contribute to your Program account-simply donate cash or long-term appreciated securities. Click here for instructions.

Receive an immediate tax deduction

Your donation to the Program is fully deductible (up to allowable IRS limits) in the tax year when it is made. Donation amounts above IRS limits can be carried over and deducted in future years. You should consult your tax advisor for assistance with your personal circumstance.

Donate appreciated securities to save on taxes

To avoid paying capital gains taxes, transfer long-term appreciated securities in kind to the Program instead of selling the assets and then donating the proceeds. The Program sells the securities and adds the proceeds minus any fees to your Program account. You recommend which investment pools the proceeds are invested in.

Save time when we handle your recordkeeping

The Program acknowledges all donations with a letter that includes information required for tax reporting. Quarterly statements provide all account activity. Your gift receipts and quarterly statements are accessible via your online account access.